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Reference Photographers
Jerry Uelsmann          Maggie Taylor
Tyler Shields         Ralph Eugene Meatyard
Minor White                Ansel Adams

Lauren Greenfield   Man Ray
Author Tress            Sebastiao Salgado
Steve McCurry        Chris Rainior

Gregory Crewdson  Robert Frank
Annie Leibovitz        Eugene Richards
Alfred Stieglitz        David Hockney

Kate Breakey            Harry Callahan
Lewis Hein                 David LaChapelle
Weegee                      Paul Strand

Sandy Skoglund      Cindy Sherman
Bruce Davidson       Shelby Lee Adams
Barbara Crane          Sally Mann

Aaron Siskind           Duane Michals

Barbara Kruger        Garry Winogrand

Olivia Parker             Eliot Porter

Richard Avedon       Mary Ellen Mark
Diane Arbus           Henri Cartier-Bresson
Joyce Tenneson       Danny Lyon

Joel Peter Witkin     Emmit Gowin
Betty Hahn                Imogen Cunningham
Edward Weston        Dorothea Lange


Objective:  The purpose of the summer assignment is to develop an understanding creating a body of work that has depth in content.  A strong portfolio consists of a cohesive body of work that represents a consistent theme, idea or problem. Ideally, knowledge of elements and principles of design and camera handling should be evident in all images.  The summer assignment is designed to provide freedom with discipline.  Keep your theme/concept consistent while shooting the five topics. In other words, communicate a message.  Make a statement.  Take a risk.  Think out of the box.  Challenge yourself. 

  • Choose 5 categories

  • Minimum 50 shots per category

  • The assignment is due the first week of school

  • Edit images in Lightroom (select the best of the best)

  • Prepare images as final finished images (contrast, resolution, size etc.)

  • Process documentation:  Preplanning in journal.   Mind map, guiding questions, preliminary drawings, process photos, revisions etc.
    Look at several reference photographers and document your response.

Topic 1:  What are Shadow Stories?

  • Shoot black and white images

  • Formulate a short story

  • Minimum 10 finished images

Topic 2:  What is a Reflection?       

  • Use a “suggestion” of color

  • Think outside the box.  Puddles, windows, silver ware

  • Minimum 10 finished images

Topic 3:  How is a Single-Color Study created?

  • Create or find a still life in a single color.

  • Don’t use Adobe Photoshop to create color.

  • Minimum 10 finished images

Topic 4: What is an Abstract Figure?

  • Shoot in black and white abstract detail of a figure.

  • Think line, form, shape

  • Minimum 10 finished images

Topic 5:  What is an Essence Portrait?

  • Shoot a series of portraits with a black background depicting the essence of the person.

  • Minimum 10 finished images 

Topic 6:  What is a Self Portrait (without props)?

  • Think about what defines you as a person.

  • How can you express yourself with body language and facial expressions?

Topic 7:  What is an Urban Landscape that sings

  • Emphasis on harmony, pattern and repetition.

Topic 8:  What is My Room?

  • Shoot your environment from an altered camera angle.

  • Minimum 10 finished images

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