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Artist Statement

Some info found about beginning an artist statement....take what applies and leave the rest.  First things first: What is an artist statement?

In the interest of clarity, let’s define “artist statement”. 

An artist statement is a not-too-long series of sentences that describe what you create and what your idea was (concept). It’s a stand-in for you, the artist, talking to someone about your work in a way that adds to their experience of viewing that work.  Be real.  Don't become someone you aren't.

Here are a few things an artist statement is not: a manifesto, an art history lecture, a story about discovering art, short fiction, self-psychoanalysis, a string of adjectives, a grand theory of everything you’ve ever made, or a list of your career accomplishments.

You’ll be called upon to submit artist statements when you apply for residencies, grants, and sometimes, exhibition opportunities. I wrote my first substantial one when I applied to MFA programs (It's a wonder I got into the program) this is what I've learned since. And here’s the secret: even though they can be hard to write, they’re immensely useful. It truly helps me understand my own practice to sit down every few months and translate this nonverbal solitary thing I spend countless hours on into words for a specific audience.

Artist statements take time, but they don’t have to be torture. If you can get into the habit of stepping back, evaluating your work, and writing a few sentences about it, you won’t have to start from scratch when you’re down to the wire.

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