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Cincinnati Country Day School
Photo Class Release

Student and parent please sign, return and date.



Independent work in the photo lab

My son/daughter _____________ has my permission to work unsupervised in the photography lab. I am aware that he/she will be working with chemicals.



Equipment checkout

I understand that I,__________________, am financially responsible for any equipment checked out/used during the school day CCDS photography. I am aware that I am expected to pay for lost or damaged equipment.


Equipment may be checked out at the end of the day for 24 hours. Students can pick up equipment at the end of the day and must return it by 8:20 the following day.


  • Failure to return equipment will result in the following
    1st  offense: warning
    2nd  offense: No check out equipment for the remainder of the quarter
    3rd  offense: No check out equipment for the semester


  • Reimbursement cost

Film camera and case $400.00

Wide angle lens $600.00
Fish Eye $500.00
Lens Baby $300.00
Micro lens $500.00

Tri pod $100.00
Lights $500.00

Rotating head Tri pod $600.00

Canon Digital Camera w/lens $3000.00

Flash $300.00

120 mm Mamiya $1000.00

Reflector $50.00

Battery charger $60.00

CF card $50.00



Students will study the work of various historical and contemporary photographers. The methodology of study will be in the form of video, DVD, web sites, and class discussion. In some cases the photographers may touch on controversial topics. The photographers/artist chosen for discussion and study are thought provoking and significant and relevant artists of the 20th/ 21st century. Biographies of artist are available upon request.


Parent signature_________________________________________________________ date____________________________

Student signature_________________________________________________________date_____________________________



CCDS Upper School, 6905 Given Road, Cincinnati, OH 45243-2898

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