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Photo Students  

Cincinnati Country Day School
Summer Assignment for AP

Reference Photographers
Aaron Siskind            Tyler Shields                        Eugene Richards              Stephen Shore
Ruth Bernhard          Gregory Crewdson              Jo Ann Callis                     Michael Kenn
David Hockney         Cindy Sherman                      Walker Evans                   Chris Rainier
Harry Callahan         Irving Penn                              David Lachapelle             Diane Arbus
Maggie Taylor             Bruce Davidson                       Steve Meisel                      Ralph Gibson
Jerry Uelsmann     Ralph Eugene Meatyard   Sebastiao Salgado    Hilton Brothers
David Sorrenti           Steve McCurry                     Sandy Skoglund                Sally Mann                 

Objective:  The purpose of the summer assignment is to develop an understanding by creating a body of work that has depth and content.  A strong portfolio consists of a cohesive body of work that represents a consistent theme, idea or problem. Ideally, knowledge of elements and principles of design and camera handling should be evident in all images.  The summer assignment is designed to provide freedom with discipline. This assignment will allow you to create several mini bodies of work based on the themes of each category. Keep your theme/concept consistent while shooting the topics. In other words, communicate a message. You should end with 50 final images, ten in each category.   Make a statement.  Take a risk.  Think out of the box.  Challenge yourself.
****Keep an ongoing journal with mind maps, ideas, guiding questions.  The journal may be digital or physical. 

Please remember that when 5 images are due, they are the best of the best.  Shoot a lot. 

  • The assignment is due the first few weeks of school

  • Images must be edited in Lightroom. 

  • Each topic is to be labeled (lastname_intial of first name_topic) and sized (5x7 or 7x9 with a resolution of 300)

  • Select 15 final images (edited) 5 finished images in selected catagories

  • Edit images in Adobe Lightroom.

  1. Import images into Lightroom directly from the device using a cord.

  2. Import, select device or Other

  3. Select the images you want.

  4. Add a Collection (left vertical menu midway down) Name the collection as you wish. 

  5. Edit images.  Top menu Develop. 

  6. Presets are to the right, self edit to the left.

Choose 3 topics to investigate:5 finished image per topic (shoot a lot and edit to 5)
Topic 1:  Shadow Stories
  (Reference photographers: Author Tress & Harry Callahan)

  • Formulate a narrative using only shadow (not what is creating the shadow).

Topic 2:  Contradictions (Reference photographers:  Jerry Uelsmann & Maggie Taylor

  • Photograph a series of images depicting contradictions.  Use a “suggestion” of color (desaturate the images).

Topic 3:  Blur Motion, slow shutter speed

  • Use camera on manual.  F stop of 11 and above and begin with 1/30 and slower.  Make sure the camera is on a stable surface and PAY ATTENTION TO THE CAMERA LIGHT METER.

Topic 4:  Simplification= remove information (Reference Photographers:  Aaron Siskind & Ruth Burnhardt)

  • Shoot a series removing information with each shot.  Think about taking steps forward and with each step information is removed to the point of abstraction.

Topic 5:Abstract figure

  • Shoot in black and white abstract detail of a figure.

Topic 6:  Essence Portraits (Reference Photographer: Cindy Sherman) Shoot a series of portraits depicting the essence of the person.  Shallow depth of field.  F1.5 etc.  (low number gives the best shallow depth of field).

Topic 7:  Reflections

  • Images must be a reflective surface.

1.  Mind maps
2. Central questions
3. Journal ideas, materials and concepts
4. Create guiding questions for topics

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