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Finishing Images

Before using Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom Classic default changes

  • Adobe Photoshop (2 changes):  top menu/ edit/ color settings
    Color profile must be, Settings:  Custom, Workings Space:  Select ProPhoto from the dropdown menu for RGB. OK.

  • Top menu/ edit/ preferences/

Select Show all filter gallery groups and names.Ok.

All finished images must be labeled & sized correctly, or they will not be accepted.
Images must be saved as a JPEG to upload to the WIX website.

Adobe Lightroom method (quantity of images)

  • Export (Lightroom, lower left side)

  • The export menu will look like the image below.  Click the area for dialogue box.

  • Color Space must be ProPhoto

Adobe Photoshop method (single images)

  • Default for Adobe Photoshop is a format of PSD.  Always keep the PSD version of the image in case revisions are necessary.  The PSD allows the image to keep all the layers & data.

  • Wix website doesn’t NOT accept PSD.  It will be necessary to save as a JPEG to compress the image for publishing. 

  • Create a folder to use throughout the year.  Keep everything pertaining to imagery in the folder.  Keep it organized!

  • Before saving images you must do the following

  • Image (top menu)

  • Image size

  • Size should be in inches NOT pixels

  • Size something reasonable (example 5x7 range)

  • Resolution 300

  • Images directly from the camera need to be corrected for compatibility ALWAYS.

  • All images must be labeled correctly, or they will not be accepted.

  • Correct labeling:  lastname_?_title

  • Example:  lichtysmith_C_IceQueen

Adobe Lightroom for mp4         

Labeling Slides using Lightroom (adding text) for Presentation in Lightroom and/or creating an MP4.

  1. Personalize images with name & title.

  2. Lightroom, Library mode

  • Metadata

  • Title

  • Title on the left

  • Name on the right        

  • To preview the slide….

  • Top menu (it’s hard to see, look for either a tiny triangle in the middle of the page or a cloud at the top right)

  • Slideshow

  • Make decisions about how you want to present your images consistently.

  • Think about color

  • Width of boundaries                                  

  • Make sure to check the text overlays box to enable visible text.                                  

  • To add music: click the plus sign and insert your favorite appropriate music.

  • Preview the presentation before presenting or posting to the website.

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